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More massage chairs are appearing in homes across the country. In the past, they have been a luxury item reserved for doctors, but as the demand for therapeutic massages is on the rise, the chairs are becoming a standard addition to most homes. There are many types of massage chairs on the market.
First, there is the simple massage chair. The basic model will recline and allow the user to work their muscles. Most come with a towel holder that holds the towel while the user operates the muscles. Some models come with attachments for a heart massage, pressure points, at-zone massage, or trigger points.
Next up is the spa-style chair, which comes with two massage jets, whirlpool jets, oil jets, massage oils, and so much more. Many come with an automatic timer, motion sensors, and vibrating floors. These chairs come with the best controls and will make you truly relax.
Next is the therapeutic chair. This model will recline, provide the highest amount of body, neck, and head support, and comes with extra padding on the chair’s cushions to prevent pressure sores.
The next type of reclining massage chair is the pedal-assisted massage recliner. This type is excellent for people who need to relax their shoulders and back. The most common type of this reclining recliner is the Sonic Sense recliner, which is an electric massage chair that has sensors in them that allow them to know when you are sitting down so they will send the right pressure points.
Next is the massage recliner, which is usually electric or battery-powered, which allows you to adjust the reclining angle and even allow you to recline to a certain level of pain and tension. This type of massage chair also has an infrared light for a real deep tissue massage.
Finally, there is the body position recliner, which provides a full body massage by using all the sensors in the chair. The tension point sensors will let you know when your muscles are in a specific position, and the massage points will give you a full body massage.
These different styles of massage chairs are not designed for the same purposes. People want different things out of their massage chairs. Knowing what is essential to your needs will help you narrow down the different types of massage chairs that are available.
To get an accurate evaluation of any given type of massage chair, one should try it out for about 30 minutes before purchasing it. If you don’t like the chair for one reason or another, you can return it and exchange it for another one.
Most manufacturers make sure that their massage chairs are sturdy and durable so that they can be used for years. They make sure the features on the chair are functional and helpful so that they make buying one for your home more comfortable.
In most cases, you will find massage chairs for sale in most stores where massages are sold. You can also buy them online from the manufacturer’s site.
There are many massage chairs on the market today. But different types will suit different types of people’s needs.